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F.W.C. Berston Field House is a recreation center in North Flint.

It’s been there since 1923.

After a full day of work, coach Jason Crutchfield volunteers his time.

5 nights a week. 2 hours at a time.

Dead of winter cold.

Height of summer heat.

No matter what, the place is buzzing.




The air doesn’t move.

It smells like sweat and hand wraps.

Photos of Ali and posters of the Direll brothers are taped to the walls with scotch tape.

Jump ropes and dusty speed bags litter the floor.

In the middle of it all is an old boxing ring.



Jason has been coaching Claressa since she was eleven.

Like every coach, he’s always wanted a champion.

He just never thought it’d be a girl.


Written by ZCDC

July 29th, 2012 at 10:10 am

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